I like to think of myself as a singer-codewriter. 

As a full-time musician and recording engineer, in 2009 I discovered programming. The possibilities of code began to take over my thoughts, and I realized that my true passion was beyond making music. I wanted to create the tools used for creation. I wanted to allow people to express in ways they had never imagined before–to unlock a creativity they maybe didn't even realize they had.

This new focus combined with my musical past led me to the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford, and then eventually to the Director of Product Design role at Smule, where I designed, maintained, and often implemented the core creation and browsing/social experiences for several musical mobile applications. Every app focused on letting anyone with a smartphone at least taste that sublime, tingly feeling of making music. It was a great job working with great people, but ultimately I decided to leave in mid-2014 to travel and think.

I came back six months later realizing that, while I enjoyed launching products, my best memories have always been from the earlier phases. For me, it's the rush of being the first to experience a new idea, the satisfaction when something difficult finally works, and the adrenaline in that morning meeting presenting an idea that you just finished coding together at 5am the night before. I joined YouTube in late 2014 to pilot a new user experience role attempting to close the gap between Design and Engineering through prototyping, and have worked extensively on the design of YouTube mobile and YouTube Music, as well as a whole bunch of other things I'm not allowed to talk about :)