AutoRap 2.0

AutoRap turns ordinary speech into rap. You say any phrase and the audio wizardry chops it up, grabs a hook, and remixes your words. It lines up your syllables to the beat of your choosing and spits out a more-or-less instantaneous song.

The app was originally built by Khush, a company Smule acquired in late 2011, and I was always in love with what the audio technology could do but never liked the UI surrounding it. The rap creation interface was confusing and disjointed, a feeling particularly at odds with the slick and seamless nature of the audio processing.

When we got the green light to update the app UI, I spent most of my time working on the rap recording components while fellow designer and awesome artist Ben Hersh focused on the overall navigation and tone of the rest of the app. I developed the responsive audio visualizer, scratch-able vinyl, transforming record button, album art photo booth, and over-the-top battle explosion screen. The app was a sort of playground for fun animations and interactions all-around. I think it made a big difference in the overall feel.

Download AutoRap

Check out the rap recording flow in action.