CineBeat (formerly Strum)

CineBeat gave users the ability to instantly turn any video into a short music video, using the same audio technology in AutoRap but extending it to synchronize the accompanying video as well. Users could apply different filters, simultaneously changing both the visuals and background track to suit their tastes. 

I worked with Smule's Creative Director Jihee Kim to design, implement, and ship the entire front-end browsing and social experience for this video-based social network in six weeks. The very Instagram-inspired design featured profiles, feeds, notifications, and universal lightbox video playback. My Responsibilities also included handling stream issues, network failures, etc..

CineBeat was not able to find revenue, perhaps because there were a number of completely free competitors and also perhaps because the user base was almost immediately overrun by tweens. Sadly, CineBeat was dropped from the Smule catalog in 2014.

R.I.P. CineBeat

Here's a goofy video we shot on the Great Wall of China using a beta version of the app.