With MadPad, users create short, often quirky videos of anything that makes sound, as sound is required to trigger the video recording. A set of these videos is arranged for interactive tap playback using a custom MJPEG-like format, allowing for extremely low latency triggering and playback rate manipulation. The user can upload a recorded performance directly to YouTube, or actually share the interactive “instrument” itself via a link so others can download and play it.

I originally wrote this app as an unofficial masters thesis and it was published by Smule. You can read the academic paper here though the best way to understand MadPad is probably to watch the video we created for the launch.

Download MadPad for iPhone or iPad

This launch video from our release in 2011 does a great job of summing up MadPad!

My favorite user video of MadPad, this one features almost all of the parts of Jobim's "One Note Samba" recorded and played back through MadPad, then run through some additional video editing. Leo Fernandes, I salute you!

This video was done by the one and only Smule Mule: Turner Kirk.