YouTube Music

YouTube has more music than any other platform and is already a top destination to watch and listen to official music videos, live performances, covers, dance tutorials, audio tracks and more. With YouTube music, we set out to sift through this vast and possibly daunting amount of content and organize it in a way that connects you to what you want to hear every time you turn it on. If you're into a band or artist, you can explore more about a particular track and check out alternate versions, related songs, and even parodies. Just about anything you tap starts music that doesn't stop until you turn it off or your phone runs out of batteries.

I have had the pleasure of working on this project since mid-2015 and have used prototyping as a way to design and convey concepts to the team internally, as well as run user studies with external participants. We launched in November 2015 to excellent reviews and continue to support the product with many new features that I unfortunately can't talk about :)

Download YouTube Music

Here's the YouTube Music launch video.